What’s the Need for a Training Centre?

Why Absolute? Why Now? What's the Need for a Training Centre? Why Andrea? I heard a quote in 2005, 'You must believe in what you can not…

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Andrea Fraser
February 1st, 2022
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Why Absolute? Why Now? What's the Need for a Training Centre? Why Andrea?

I heard a quote in 2005, 'You must believe in what you can not see, that's where you begin.' When I read it, my first thought was that the quote summed up my life. I've always believed for a great life, a fairy tale marriage, a family full of acceptance, joy and laughter, and that the sun would always shine regardless of the actual weather. It's funny to think about all of that as I write this, because everything I believed for was the polar opposite of my circumstance. And I mean polar opposite.

I grew up on a farm in Ontario which I loved, but with a family whereby no one really ever talked. I can only remember one time my dad telling me he loved me, and that was after he kicked me out of the house when I was in grade eleven. And I don't remember my mom ever telling me she loved me, and passed away five months before my dad asked me to leave his house. And that was my step dad, my biological father left when I was one year old. So that was my start in life.

Quite honestly, I don't think my start is a whole lot different than a lot of people today. I just think people don't talk about it, and it's accepted as normal. That's Why Absolute.

I remember a long time ago, saying 'I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless'. In my heart, I knew that meant that it was for the children who grew up in a divided or abusive home. The children who were and still are afraid to speak because they think no one else is suffering like them. Everyone wants to be loved, and to be heard. That's Why Now.

Because of my level of belief for a life different then what I grew up in, I kept moving towards that life, the fairy tale marriage, a family so filled with love, trust, unity, laughter, and a feeling inside that regardless of my circumstance the sun was always shining. I will say, choosing to move towards that life and not give up, was not easy. I failed A LOT!

As I mentioned, I lost my family in grade eleven at the age of seventeen. I didn't have anyone to teach me, or to fall back on if and when I failed. By the time I entered into grade twelve, I felt like the dirt on the bottom of someones shoe. I remember it so clearly. I also remember the day when I said to myself 'No More'! That was the day I stopped listening to and spending time with the people that said I was nothing and would amount to nothing. I remember the warrior rising up in me! We need more warriors that will learn to rise up in a way that strengthens their character, integrity, and honor. That's the Need for a Training Centre.

I've lived a lot of life in a short time. I've learned that to have the life I've always wanted requires working together with other people. I've learned things and relationships of true value cost the most. I've learned short cuts aren't worth taking. I've learned change happens inside me, before it can happen outside of me. I've learned I can give what I have and not what I don't have. I've learned what's most important in life is family, and relationships. I've learned how to foster and grow healthy relationships that prosper. I've learned to bring the best out in others cause I've learned to bring the best out in myself. I've learned it's okay to be strong. I've learned the strength of a marriage is what gives a child security. I've learned to see the good in others, because I can see the good in myself. I've learned we are all equal, we just have different gifts, strengths, and abilities. I've learned that most people inside their heart are crying to be heard and accepted. I've learned men just want to be respected. I've learned how to have wisdom, knowledge, strength, hope, determination, love, respect, honor, and truth, and that it has to be shared. I have it, so I can share it. I've learned that I've been created for a time such as this. And I know I have the strength and courage to be the voice for the voiceless, and to strengthen the warriors. That's Why Andrea.

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