Judgment is Silent

Set Yourself Free from Judgment! Judgment is everywhere today.  People fear being judged, they talk about being judged, and they judge…

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Andrea Fraser
November 23rd, 2022
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Set Yourself Free from Judgment!

Judgment is everywhere today.  People fear being judged, they talk about being judged, and they judge people constantly and don't even realize they're doing it!! That’s one of the reasons no one is honest with themselves or others. It's easier to keep the peace, and just judge others and not look in the mirror!  It is a select few that get honest with themselves and recognize it.  It’s now time to level up, and understand what judgment really is, and to stop judging.

When you are judging another person in any way, you are assuming something about that person.  When in truth, you haven’t walked a day in their shoes and you don’t actually know why that person does what they do.  That’s what is really happening when you judge someone.  It is important to understand when you judge or shall I say assume something about another person, you automatically put yourself in a position of fear that someone will do that to you.  That is a defensive action and that puts a limit on you.  If you live afraid that someone else might judge you, or assume the wrong thing about you, you fear looking like a failure so you won't try.

Judgment limits your potential.  Understanding how judgment limits you allows your potential to be unlocked.  People fear and are afraid of failure, but the reality is people are afraid of what other people think of them. If that is you, and you fear what people think of you, you have to ask yourself why? That fear is limiting you, and it takes away the opportunity to do something that you really want to do. Fear of being judged keeps you limited in your thinking. In addition to that, you will attract people into your life who fear the same thing and it keeps you stuck. Begin to pay attention to your fears, and look at what the opportunity is.

I have been fit and healthy for over twenty years now, and about 18 years ago people started judging me about my size and fitness level.  They would tell me after they would get to know me ‘I thought you just ate apples’ and ‘you’re nicer than I thought’ and ‘I never wanted to work out with you!’ It’s all judgment because people assumed that about me because they wanted to be fit and healthy themselves. They thought I did crazy stuff to be fit and healthy, when in truth, I just made a decision and stayed committed and disciplined. Funny thing, people didn’t say those things to me when I was overweight and struggling through life. When I was overweight, only one person ever said to me, ‘Andrea, you’re getting chubby’.  I know that it was hurtful to hear, but at least she said it to my face directly, instead of watching me gain over 50 pounds and not say anything at all.  That’s what every other ‘friend’ had done.  Judgment is silent.  This is why it affects people so much.  None of my friends said anything to me about the weight I was putting on and about the lifestyle I was living that caused the weight gain.  They just watched and stayed silent, that’s more hurtful, than the one person who called me chubby. Perhaps there may have been a better way she could have said that to me, but it's probably what I needed to hear, to actually see for myself what was happening to me. When I was gaining a lot of weight it was because my life was out of control as I suffered one loss after another for three years and I didn't know how to cope. That's the truth for most people who have self indulgent or self denial habits.  I've learned a lot about how easy it is to judge others, and how it has limited my own success when I have judged others.  I don’t want that for anyone.  Every person has a story.  The less you judge someone, the more you will discover your own true story.  That’s what I want for you, your well-being, and the relationships in your life.  

If you truly want to succeed in life and live your best life, you can’t afford to judge others.  You have to be honest with yourself and move forward with your life.  Yes you will make mistakes, that's how you learn.  Being afraid of failure is only saying you’re afraid of people judging you and not accepting you. That person that captured my attention and said I was getting chubby wasn't judging me, she was being honest with me. It hurt, but I hate to think where my life would be if no one got my attention to my reality. Ask yourself, do you want people in your life that will be honest with you even if it hurts, or watch you silently sabotage yourself. Your true potential is dependent on honesty and integrity with yourself and others. The opportunity is in your hands to live your life fully and change to become a person who is not afraid of what others think of them.

Failure is Victory in Process!

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