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About Absolute

Our Vision is to bring unity to a world programmed for division.

Cluster of images depicting Absolute's goals
Cluster of images depicting Absolute's goals
Cluster of images depicting Absolute's goals

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to Elevate, Equip and Immerse people to build a solid foundation for living their best life.Your Well-being ・ Your Family ・ Your Business ・ Your LifeFour pillars to build a solid foundation for living your best life. We purposely continue to grow our capacity to trust and to be trusted with sharing in these foundational pillars, empowering others to impact their workplace, communities, and most importantly their life.

Core Values


Truth is the only thing that actually allows people to be who they are. Truth is being vulnerable with ourselves, which allows us to be open and honest with others. That builds relationships.


Accountability builds trust, builds character and builds You. To reach your true potential you have to be accountable to the people in your your life and the things you commit to doing.


Integrity is honesty in the heart. It’s doing the right thing when no one is watching. That’s what elevates people to reach their true potential.


Freedom to be who we’ve been created to be, not programmed to be. Freedom is honor, integrity, accountability, generosity all encompassed. Freedom is people being responsible for their actions and the integrity to make it right.


Andrea Frasers Headshot

Andrea Fraser


Andrea is the founding creator of Absolute Training Centre. She is passionate about people discovering the treasures that are inside them. Andrea has a gifted ability to see the treasures that are inside of people, and the potential that waits to be awakened in them. Andrea's purpose is to awaken and strengthen individuals to reach their true potential, and live from that place. Andrea is a teacher, author, speaker, recipe creator and developer of Andrea's Healthy Kitchen. She communicates her convictions of life, well-being, family, and business in everything she does. She embraces life, and lives everyday fully, and with intention.

Andrea's conviction for living out your best life comes from her personal testimony, and the pursuit of becoming the best version of herself knowing and believing it is the only way to impact the world. Andrea has over 22 years of health and wellness experience, along with 20 years in business. Her teaching and speaking on well-being, family and business has impacted thousands of people directly and indirectly.

Andrea has learned how health and wealth are directly correlated. She is passionate about teaching the connection of health and wealth, and its impacts on family and life. Her driving factor is she knows the impacts that a person's well-being, has on their family, and others. Andrea's mission is to teach people to slow down, appreciate the small things, and enjoy life. Andrea knows, absolute wellness is a state of being.

Bryan Frasers Headshot

Bryan Fraser

Vice President

Bryan Fraser is the power behind the creation of Absolute Training Centre. Bryan has a diverse background in business, home building construction, athletics coaching and life coaching. He has a passion and desire to see people win! Bryan's purpose is to build champion teams and organizations. He thrives when people are committed to overcoming the obstacles and challenges life brings them, as he knows it elevates the champion within. His desire to bring out the best in everyone is contagious and is communication style is both humorous and exposing to the heart of the issue.

Bryan has a unique ability of connecting with people who want to live out their best in their own lives, families and careers! His many experiences working or playing with team players, he knows first hand what it takes to thrive on a winning team. Bryan holds a standard of excellence for himself, and those wanting to be elevated. He has equipped thousands of people to elevate to a higher standard for their lives.

At the heart of Bryan, everything is about team. And being on a winning team, that is making a difference. He's experienced both, and is committed to building champion teams & families. He has never been more inspired to learn, grow and do more in his life, and helping others do the same.

Bryan has four beautiful children: Kaitlyn, Ryland, Mackenzie and Alexis. Together Bryan and Andrea have encouraged each other and their kids to value their dreams, themselves, and other people. Bryan lives by what we leave inside our children, is more important than what we leave for them.